Show Guidelines

of the International Cat World e. V.


The ICW e.V. organizes international cat shows. International shows are put out for tender and are served by a jury. The organizer is responsible for the composition of the jury members.

  • Only registered, healthy, parasite-free animals that have a valid vaccination certificate on rabies, Pan-leucopoenia and cat flu are admitted to the show.

The vaccination card must show the following data:

1) Name and address of the pet owner

2) Name, date of birth, race, and sex of the animal as well as its colour and special characteristics

3) Date of vaccination as well as type, manufacturer and control number of the used vaccine

4) Microchip number.

  • Animals that are not older than 16 weeks at the time of the show may be brought along to this show without vaccination certificate, if a veterinary certificate has been issued for them, which states beside the data required under item A [1) and 2)] that the animal concerned was examined by a veterinary and was found to be free from clinical indications of a disease, in particular rabies, on the date of issue of the certificate. The validity of the veterinary certificate is 10 days. If a health attestation is requested by the competent veterinary inspection office this will be communicated separately.

  • If puppies are vaccinated for the first time at an age of at least 3 months, this vaccination must have been carried out at least 21 days after conclusion of the basic immunisation and this period may not be longer than the period which the vaccine manufacturer indicates regarding a booster. In the case of boosters the rabies vaccinations must have been carried out within the period indicated by the vaccine manufacturer for the respective booster.

  • All animals must be presented to the admission control. If the animal of an exhibitor is refused due to a contagious disease, all of this exhibitor’s animals will be banned for the show concerned. No one is entitled to reimbursement of the registration fees or other costs incurred for this show.


The objectives of all shows are as follows:

  • To give the cat owners the possibility of comparing their animals with those of others

  • To enable them to have an exchange of experience and to have technical discussions with other breeders

  • To make sure for breeders and owners that their cats are assessed by international and recognized judges

  • To give the interested public the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about cat breeds.


All members of recognized associations/organizations and cat lovers that do not belong to an association can exhibit their cats on shows of the ICW e.V. The show management is responsible for the acceptance of registration, but they can refuse it without giving any reasons. The cats are to be registered either in writing or preferably on-line. Make sure to use the relevant registration forms for this, but you can also use registrations forms of other recognized associations /organizations.


Kittens may be exhibited for the first time together with their mother cat by the end of the ninth week of life of this litter, (at least 3 animals in a litter) or as individual animal at the age of at least 12 weeks. A cat may be exhibited only under the name shown in the pedigree, litters only under the kennel name.


An exhibition fee has to be paid for each cat. The fee amount is proposed by the board and indicated on the registration form of the ICW e.V. If the number of registrations received exceeds that of the available cages the order of the received registrations will be decisive. The exhibitor will receive either a written confirmation or a refusal no later than 1 week before the start of the show. With the registration the exhibitor declares his or her agreement to the exhibition conditions of the ICW.


Changes of the class must be notified to and received by the office of the ICW e.V. no later than 5 days prior to the show. Class changes from Saturday to Sunday will be accepted by the office at the show. In that case the animal starts in the new class on Sunday. 2 titles are accepted per day.


Exhibitors who are not able to attend the show or whose cats cannot be present at the show are obliged to communicate this to the show direction or to the office of the ICW e.V. In the case of cancellation within 14 days prior to the start of the show the registration fees will not be reimbursed and/or they will become due.


The vaccination prescribed by the legislator must be proven for each cat (for more details please refer to item 1). Each cat to be exhibited will be examined before admission to the exhibition hall. Animals that have become conspicuous can be refused on behalf of the show direction. Only parasite-free and healthy animals can be admitted to the show. Animals with fungal attack will not be admitted. Furthermore the following animals will not be admitted: all pregnant and nursing cats as well as animals with operative or cosmetic changes. (Exception: castration and sterilisation). If cats fall ill at the show they may no longer be exhibited. Cats without admission control may not be taken to the showrooms. In case of violation the exhibitor will be excluded from the show.


A show cage of 70 x 70 x 70 cm will be made available for each registered animal; upon agreement you may use your own cages (Sturdi Habitat). The assigned cages may not be changed without authorization.

Each exhibitor must provide a bed for the cat and the cage is to be equipped with view protection on three sides. Food, water and a cat toilet must be made available for the cat. The cages are to be treated with care, nothing may be changed on them. The cage and the showroom are to be kept clean.


During the whole term of the show the exhibitor will engage himself to keep his cats in the cage assigned to them and to ensure that he can be always contacted for the time of judging. If the owner is not present when his animal is taken for judging, the stewards employed by the show director or the head steward may take the animal out of the cage all alone. This will also apply to the further course of the show. Animals in locked cages or animals that are not picked for judging in due time are automatically assessed as „absent“.

The stewards will be instructed regarding their tasks before the start of judging. The head steward will supervise all stewards, he will be entitled to give them instructions and be the link between the judges and the show direction.


The cats will be assessed by judges who have been recognized by the ICW e.V. Assessment will be carried out based on the standards approved by the ICW e.V. Judges and their pupils as well as persons who are living in a joint household with them may exhibit their cats only on a non-competitive basis. They may not have an insight into the exhibition catalogue before the conclusion of judgement. The show direction as well as the exhibition staff will engage themselves not to influence the judgement regarding the exhibitors. The judges will be assigned based on the existing approved judge’s examinations for the individual races and colours. The judges‘ judgements will be unimpeachable.

At the end of the judgement the exhibitor will receive a certificate together with the judge’s report for each assessed animal.


The respective exhibition classes to which you can register and for which you can obtain titles and awards will be indicated either in the registration forms or on-line.

Liability: ICW e.V. will not be held liable for damages caused by the visit to its shows.

If you are a „newcomer to the show“ and need our help we will be pleased to assist you!

Signed the Show Direction of ICW e.V.


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